I am a professor at the Department of Computer- and Systems Sciences (DSV) at Stockholm University (SU), Sweden. I am also research director at the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) where we do research on flight simulation and training. I earned my PhD in cognitive psychology at the department of psychology at Stockholm university.

In the early 90s my research had a strong focus on trust related issues where aspects such as understanding and learning from information communicated by human and artificial expertise were a part. Over the years my interest in theories of learning (socio-cultural perspectives on learning and cognition), pedagogy and how these theories must be adapted when designing and evaluating computer based learning and training environments has grown. Of particular interest is how artefacts of various kinds (IT and other tools) mediate human action, collaboration and learning.

On these pages you can find out more about the research I have conducted and am conducting, courses I have taught and courses I am currently teaching, etc.